MKZ Kanzlei

Kanzlei Sessions is a series of jam sessions for musicians and public preceded by a short opening concert.

Location: MKZ Kanzlei, 8004 Zurich
Door opening: 5.45 p.m.
Start: 6.00 p.m.
Admission: free with collection


Kanzlei Sessions Team Meeting
Do you want to be part of a cool gang and contribute to the continuation of the Kanzlei Sessions next fall? Then come to this meeting!

Opening Concert
Rodrigo Botter Maio Jazz Quartett, Brasil, Latin
Rodrigo Botter Maio, sax
Yves Martinek, p
Felix Kübler, b
Francesco Gasparini, dr

Jam Session MC: Tomi Hirt

Opening Concert
Tom e Fred boptett
Wolfgang Häuptli
Thomi Geiger
Roman Bieri
Elmar Kluth
Tomi Hirt
Fredi Schmid

Jam Session MC: Tomi Hirt

Opening Concert
Industrial-Funk-Jazz a la Grau
Jürg Grau-Memorial Night
Greg Galli, ep
Roland Graf, as
Chris Muzik, guit
Herbie Kopf, eb
Andy Brugger, dr

Jam Session MC: Andy Brugger

Opening Concert
Songs von Abdullah Ibrahim/Dollar Brand
Etienne Conod p
Rolf Winiger b

Jam Session MC: Etienne Conod

Opening Concert

Jam Session MC: TBD

3-tägige jamsession

For all the details please go to the official festival page

Opening Concert
Improvised electro-acoustic Soundworlds
Kristian Kannukene,viol
Heliä Mailiis Viivakiri,flute
Gon Muruaga,git

Jam Session MC: Pietro Pedrozzi

Opening Concert
Mambo Combo
Adrian Fiechter,p
Robert Villiger, eb
Willi Rechsteiner,conga
Christian Sollberger,timbal

Jam Session MC: TBD